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"Experience the warmth of our family-owned and operated dental practice, where we blend personalized attention with exceptional dental care to make you feel like a part of our family, while keeping your smile healthy and radiant."

Dr. Arora & Team

Dr. Saj Arora - Arora Dental

Dr. Saj Arora

Doctor of Dental Surgery (Owner)

👋 Hello there! I'm Dr. Saj (Sage), the proud owner and dentist at Arora Dental. My top three priorities in life are my family, providing exceptional service, and bringing smiles to everyone's faces. I've carefully crafted Arora Dental to be a haven of comfort and enjoyment for our patients. When you visit us, you'll be embraced as part of our dental family. I can't wait for you to meet the rest of our amazing team!

Anne Gannon - Arora Dental

Anne G.

Office Experience Coordinator

Anne G. is the heart and soul of Arora Dental, with an impressive 30 years of experience managing bustling offices. Her abundant expertise and professionalism make her a true asset to our dental family. Anne's kind, passionate, and caring nature is felt by everyone who walks through our doors. Her tireless dedication to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for all our patients reflects her commitment to delivering exceptional care with a personal touch.

Jazmine L.

Dental Assistant

Jazmine is a dedicated dental assistant at Arora Dental focused on creating 5-star patient interaction. Her passion for providing exceptional care shines through in her warm and compassionate nature. Jazmine's unique ability to make patients laugh and feel at ease creates a comforting atmosphere that fosters deep connections. Her unwavering kindness and delightful sense of humor are the perfect recipe for a memorable and heartwarming dental experience.

Maddie H.

Patient Experience Coordinator

Maddie is our awesome new Patient Experience Coordinator. She is known for her infectious sense of humor, genuine care, and unwavering commitment to making every patient feel happy and at ease. Maddie takes pride in ensuring that each patient's visit to Arora Dental is comfortable and memorable, creating lasting relationships built on trust and compassion.

Andrea M.

Dental Hygienist

Andrea, our vibrant and dedicated Dental Hygienist, brings a refreshing energy and enthusiasm to the Arora Dental team. Her youthful spirit, coupled with her strong work ethic and eagerness to please, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our patients. Andrea goes above and beyond to ensure every patient feels comfortable and well cared for during their visit, making her a beloved and essential part of our dental family.

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Arora Dental Is Located At The Heart of Brantford

79 Charing Cross St.
Brantford, ON, N3R 2H7

30 Minutes from Burlington and Oakville

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